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Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC is a premier international law firm founded in 1968. With a history of more than 50 years’ handling complex legal matters, the firm has grown and developed from traditional law practice to the modern, innovative and global institution that we are today.

Our mission is to provide in-depth, high-quality creative legal advice and representation efficiently and in a timely manner, while being accessible and approachable for our clients. Our team strives to provide real value, in the best interest of our clients, constantly focused on problem-solving as well as seeking new opportunities for development.

Technologically advanced and progressive in our approaches, we provide a real competitive edge over similar firms, making us the primary resource for providing legal assistance.

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Practice Areas

Global Challenge. World Class Response.

Commercial & Corporate Law

Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC has a leading corporate and commercial practice with a high reputation that is predicated on its international experience, client base, and all-inclusive expertise in a broad range of business sectors.

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Legal Representation & Litigation

Disputes arise daily, every amongst the best-intentioned individuals. Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC is well-equipped and ready to provide representation in all civil matters.

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Private Client Services

At Y. Argyrides and Associates LLC we pride ourselves on our capacity to bring our aggregate understanding, earned through working with families over the years, while taking care of their national and international assets, to provide answers for their problems.

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Cyprus Investment

The Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC immigration team deals with all crucial matters relating to immigration law and citizenship applications. Our dedicated team is happy to meet you and give you a whole description of the process. The team advises both individual and corporate clients.

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Why Y. Argyrides?

Global Law Firm Built For Business

Expert Legal Advice

Expert Legal Advice

We deliver results regardless of the level of complexity of the case and always with a personal touch.

Customer Centric Approach Min

Customer-Centric Approach

Your interest comes first, we foster long-term partnerships with both our clients and our business partners.

Expert Legal Advice Min (2)

Timely Services

We deliver sound and pragmatic legal advice, promptly, consistently and dynamically..

Information Security Min

Information Security

We handle both online and offline securely and confidentially while monitoring any potential conflict of interests.