Banking & Finance

Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC has a very solid footing in Banking and Finance. Over the years, the firm has handled a considerable volume of top-rated and high profile international transactions that centered on the acquisition and financing of projects, real estate financing, refinancing, as well as bilateral and syndicated lending.

Some of our banking clients are local and international commercial and investment banks, investment funds, international finance organizations, corporate borrowers, and governmental institutions.

The banking & finance transactions which our firm handles:

  • Drafting or reviewing project finance & security documentation
  • Giving advice which centres on priority, perfection as well as enforcement of various types of securities
  • Giving advice on tax and corporate matters
  • Giving advice on proper execution of documents and stamp duty
  • Giving advice on issues regarding conflict of law
  • Issuing relevant legal opinions that cover corporate power authority & the legality, validity & enforceability of documents that are governed by the Cyprus law.

The seasoned banking and finance experts of the firm handle both secured and unsecured lending, international top-rated financing and refinancing transactions, such as project financing, subordinated, syndicated, and mezzanine financing, plus related securities like share pledges, financial collateral, floating charges, as well as other securities.

On a regular basis, the firm gives advice on ISDA agreements and related products, compliance, banking regulatory and licensing requirements, asset preservation and security enforcement as well as procedures.

The litigation team in the firm lends a helping hand to the banking team by effectively dealing with the collection of debts and enforcement of security, representing us in banking institutions locally and internationally.