Corporate Formation & Administration

Situated in a strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea amidst three continents,  Cyprus has other advantages in addition to its strategic geographical position – the corporate  as well as tax system  which exists in the island  (its corporate tax rate is 12.5% – one of the lowest  in the EU),   paves the way for the  setting up of a corporate structure  that is  very easy to manage from  any part of the globe,  while  taking advantage of our jurisdiction.

Why should you have a company registered in Cyprus?

–    Very affordable corporate tax rate, which stands at 12.5%

–    No tax is paid on dividends accruing to holding companies

–    Agreements on Double taxation with 44 countries

–    International banking services & credit cards are easily accessible

–    The EU companies operate without restrictions globally

We can help in fast-tracking the incorporation of your new company in line with your requirements and needs. You can either have nominee local officers & shareholders or have it done totally in a way dictated by you.

We always have on the standby Cyprus companies which have local officers as well as shareholders who are willing and ready to be acquired instantly. You can change officers and shareholders whenever the need arises – within a very short time frame in a manner that will not interrupt the company’s operation. This option creates room for an immediate business relationship and guards against the time-consuming process of getting a new company incorporated.

Our team of experts guarantees effective management and running of the company and helps in ensuring compliance with the local legislation and requirements with respect to the company.