Our practices on litigation and dispute resolution are a blend of market-leading efficiency, adequate knowledge of Cyprus procedures & regulations, and an uncommon ability to collaborate effectively with transnational litigation lawyers across all jurisdictions.

We represent a broad range of clients, especially those in the financial and corporate sectors. Among our clients are international organizations and multinational financial institutions.

It is essential for the clients to know that whenever there are disputes in a corporate context  they have on standby a team of experts on dispute resolution  who  are well-grounded in company law,  and  are capable of exerting  the right pressure and  taking proactive measures to  obtain the best solution, avoiding  as much as possible the uncertainty  about  business  which is capable of plunging you into long-running litigation.

Corporate Dispute Resolution

At Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC, we represent a broad range of clients who are enmeshed in post-transactional fall-out situations that arise from the execution of contracts, misrepresentation, and breach of contract and/or breach of warranty claims.  Also, we act in disputes in which the insiders are the sources of the problem – for instance, claims against directors by shareholders – or action is taken externally (like governmental action).

Among our corporate clients are investment houses, multi-jurisdictional organizations, entrepreneurs, and hedge funds.  Also, we deal regularly with issues of insolvency,  giving advice to directors about their obligations and duties and creditors about their remedies and helping to solve contentious issues which center on restructuring, as well as schemes of arrangements.

We also offer regular advice on disputes existing between partners and shareholders in a business in which the best solution is often to find out whether it is possible to continue with the business and then offer advice to clients regarding the legal options available to them. Where it is possible to save the relationship, this will always involve solving practical issues regarding working together, such as the negotiation of an agreement of shareholders or other protocol for moving the business forward.