The Firm

Y. Argyrides & Associates LLC is a premier international law firm founded in 1968. With a history of more than 50 years’ handling complex legal matters, the firm has grown and developed from traditional law practice to the modern, innovative and global institution that we are today.

Our mission is to provide in-depth, high-quality creative legal advice and representation efficiently and in a timely manner, while being accessible and approachable for our clients. Our team strives to provide real value, in the best interest of our clients, constantly focused on problem-solving as well as seeking new opportunities for development.

Technologically advanced and progressive in our approaches, we provide a real competitive edge over similar firms, making us the primary resource for providing legal assistance.

Boutique Law Firm

Strategic Location

Our offices are based in Larnaca, Cyprus, just a short distance away from the island’s major airport, allowing our international clients to have easy access to our expertise, whenever legal advice is required.

Boutique Law Firm With a Personal Touch

Operating as a boutique firm, we deem that we can serve our clients faster, more effective and with real interest. We believe that one of our strongest points is our client orientated service as we understand the importance of continuous updates and client communication, in a timely and discrete manner.

The value of relationships can never be underestimated in a legal setting; what is important to you is essential to us, and we pride ourselves in meeting with that need.

Business Oriented

Our clients attest of our professionalism, knowledge, stamina and high-performance etiquette. We understand how the corporate world works, going into every case with an analytical frame of mind. We strategise and offer excellent answers and solutions for any commercial or corporate legal problem.

Specialised Services

Our team of qualified professionals has the necessary local and international expertise to provide clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality services in areas such as Corporate and Commercial law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Banking law, Litigation and Dispute resolution, Temporary and Permanent Residency in Cyprus and Immigration.

Benefit Of Our Clients

Well-connected in the Benefit of Our Clients

We can support your most complex legal matters offering a multifaceted service while we are able to integrate our extensive network of local and international associates.

We render well-rounded legal support – locally, our strong network of partners varies from tax and audit to insurance and construction companies while internationally, we associate with top global law firms and associations

These local and intercontinental assets have shaped us professionally and are a real competitive advantage, making us one of the most suitable Cypriot law firms to handle your international legal matters.