Debt Collection

Argyrides & Associates LLC has achieved tremendous success in the recovery of debts for clients, dealing with both private and commercial debts.

Debt collection must be done using a professional approach, in order to sustain the goodwill that exists between you and your client. Although litigation has always been our last option to our clients, our firm is blessed with highly experienced lawyers who are capable of providing a highly professional service ranging from out-of-court settlement to legal procedures.

Considering our clients’ stakes, we approach the collection of commercial debts in a dedicated and cost-effective manner. By closely collaborating with the businesses which we represent, it is possible for us to expedite action on the process and secure immediate payment of the debt or pursue a judgement with a view to recovering payment.

Debt Collection (3)
Debt Collection

We act on behalf of financial institutions, finance companies, credit unions, private clients, and corporations.

Our firm also provides advice  as well as representation in matters  involving:

  • Collection of commercial credit debts
  • Collection of private debts
  • Collection of unsecured and secured property
  • Enforcement of the rights of our clients after a judgement
  • Enforcement of judgement
  • Bankruptcy representation