We owe it a duty to find ways of reaching a sensible and workable out of court settlement which will be satisfactory to our client and serve their interests and those of their children.

However, if it becomes imperative to go into litigation, we are known for standing by our clients all through this time-consuming and emotionally draining stage.

We defend the interests of our clients in issues relating to custody, divorce proceedings, property settlement, maintenance, orders for exclusive usage of the marital home, etc.

Among the services we render to our clients are:

  • Premarital legal counselling, such as pre-marital property, prenuptial agreements, and tax planning. We give our clients an insight into ways of avoiding the pitfalls which may  lead to  disagreement and how to guard against problems  which  can  eventually lead to the termination of a marriage
  • Advise our clients who desire to consummate a civil marriage in Cyprus on relevant procedures
  • Resolution of post-marital dispute, such as divorce, maintenance /alimony, guardianship, property division,  adoption, custody & visitation rights, paternity recognition and a host of others.
Family Law In Cyprus