Wills are essential documents, which require careful consideration as well as clear drafting.  Everybody ought to take advice and then ask an expert to prepare a will, to ensure that their affairs and properties are handled in the manner that they desire. Our team offers detailed advice on every aspect of inheritance, such as beneficiaries, administration as well as tax.

Probate & estate administration work often turns out to be a complex and very difficult experience, particularly for individuals who are resident outside Cyprus.  We will be very glad to help you at any point through the complex process of administering the estate, thereby reducing the worries and pressures of being an administrator or executor. Our team helps with the administration of estates.

We also have a wealth of experience in the handling of re-seals of foreign Grants. In conclusion, we are capable of obtaining Grants for Cyprus assets regarding cases where the deceased was domiciled abroad during their lifetime.

Wills & Probate