Our lawyers are going to advise you about your chances of winning a personal injury case against your employer, and give you an approximate value of the compensation which you are likely to receive. Furthermore, our firm handles cases on road negligence.  In Cyprus, road negligence includes a wide range of situations like car accidents, cycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents where an individual may be a victim of the fault or negligence of someone else. Our professional personal injury lawyers are going to offer advice to you on whether you have a good case or not.

We are very unique in our approach to safeguarding your rights as well as claims against any individual who carelessly made you sustain a physical or emotional loss as well as injury.

While attempting to settle your claim, we try as much as possible to get an out-of-court settlement. If it has become imperative for us to fight for your rights in a court of law, we are going to collect all relevant evidence to obtain a remedy that is fair and equitable.

We will make a case for compensation which will cover all medical costs, current and future loss of income, suffering, and pain taking into consideration the way your life is going to be affected in the future.

Personal Injuries