Cyprus International Trusts

In Cyprus, our law firm builds and administers trusts in consonance with the International Trusts Law 2011 and in several other jurisdictions in line with the relevant legislation.

Cyprus International Trust provides a wide range of benefits, among them, are the protection of assets, no capital, and income taxes and there is an access to a wide-ranging treaty network on double tax.

Argyrides & Associates LLC client base comprises individuals and multinational corporations that have trusts established for a number of reasons, including asset protection, tax planning, and inheritance.

The firm can boast of a flourishing trust practice which is greatly valued by its client base, such as international providers of fiduciary service, families, trust companies,  individuals with high-net-worth and banks.

The practice encompasses every aspect of trust law, as well as the law of the foundation.

Among them are:

  • Establishment, restructuring & commercial trust’s termination
  • Establishment, restructuring & termination of charitable, private as well as purpose trusts;
  • Acting in non-contentious and contentious trust disputes.