Cyprus Investment Program – Latest News!

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has announced its decision to speed up the processing of ongoing applications for the Cyprus Investment Program. This adjustment will reduce the processing time significantly in an aim to boost the Cypriot economy in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Further proposals and suggestions which will increase the efficiency of the program:

1) Increased Credibility

Several ideas have been submitted to the Cypriot President to further improve the credibility of the program. One main idea put forward is for developers to work alongside legal firms so as to have regulated lawyers involved in the process. This would ensure the smooth and swift processing of legal documentation while giving the applicant peace of mind that a highly creditable source is handling the application alongside the developer. 

2) Further Proposed Updates to the Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Government is now considering removing the cap on applications. As it stands the program only allows 700 naturalisations a year, however, this may soon change. 

Another development is the adaptation of the program due to the pandemic. The Cyprus Government is now considering a procedure for remote applications to be submitted for the program. This will allow investors who are unable to leave their country of residence due to any restrictions, to still be able to apply to the program. 

3) Potential extension of the UK leaving the EU

The speeding up of applications, the ability to apply remotely and the possible extension of the UK leaving the EU, presents a timely opportunity to high net worth individuals to participate in the Cyprus Investment Program. 

A Unique Opportunity

For those interested in this unique opportunity but are possibly facing reservations regarding investments and construction of property in Cyprus, it is noteworthy to keep in mind the following: 

The island of Cyprus continues to successfully manage the coronavirus pandemic so as to limit the effects on all main sectors of its economy, including the Real Estate and Development sectors. Due to the quick and decisive measures taken by the Government, Cyprus is now enjoying the benefits of businesses reopening and developments beginning to take shape once more. 

The successful actions and sacrifices of the Cypriot people have not gone unnoticed, as Cyprus now ranks within the top 40 safest countries in the world and as the 14th safest country in Europe regarding the pandemic. The high standard of health and safety on the island is allowing Cyprus to prepare for the summer season that in turn will strengthen its economy. By efficiently handling the pandemic, Cyprus is now able to kick-start its economy ensuring a safe haven for people, businesses, investments and developments. 

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